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Metal ceiling solutions produced in climate-friendly aluminum

Metal ceiling solutions produced in climate-friendly aluminum

DAMPA, the Danish manufacturer of metal ceiling systems is accelerating their sustainable initiatives, which means, among other things, a completely new aluminum that has 69 % lower CO2 emission.

"We have a strong focus on sustainability in our work with steel and aluminum. Metal has the huge advantage that it can be recycled over and over, without losing its strength and mechanical properties - therefore it is a hugely advantageous material for our planet" says Michael Nykjær, CEO of DAMPA, and continues:

“By producing metal from recycled material, only about 10% of the resources are used in the manufacturing process. We, therefore, have a very strong focus on ensuring a high degree of recycling and reuse of the materials”.

Green aluminum for a greener solution

DAMPA has worked with sustainability and many new initiatives have been introduced, all of which ensure that DAMPA minimizes their imprint without compromising the quality of the ceiling.

We are constantly focusing on improving our work so that we can minimize our carbon footprint. One of the solutions we are looking at is a "greener" aluminum. If you compare our current aluminum from European suppliers with, for example, aluminum from the Far East, our material emits 57% less CO2 per kg” explains Mogens Kjærgaard, Product Manager at DAMPA.

"Now we can also offer a ceiling solution produced in "Post-Consumer Aluminum“ an even greener solution. By using aluminum, which consists of 75% recycled material, the CO2 emission is further reduced by 69%. We look forward to starting production with the green aluminum, and thus deliver even greener solutions to the marine industry” says Mogens Kjærgaard.

Recycling is an essential part

In the work with recycled aluminum, one differentiates between whether the recycled material comes from internal processes or from post-consumer, where the aluminum has been out as a product. The green aluminum, which DAMPA has just received its first delivery of, consists of 75% post-consumer aluminum.

"Since we set requirements for the aluminum to have been out among the consumers, there are not unimaginable quantities. Therefore, it is important for us to focus on remembering to sort and recycle waste” says Mogens Kjærgaard.

At DAMPA, they work with the mindset of Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. This way of thinking ensures a focus on sustainability and green solutions when DAMPA works with new projects and in the creation of new products.


Learn more about DAMPA and our work with sustainability. 

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