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perforation as part of the design

DAMPA ceilings have always been famous for its acoustic performance. A unique perforation technic combined with our special developed acoustic felt are the secrets behind the acoustic performance of our ceiling.


Perforation can serve as more than an acoustic feature. Different patterns and different colors of the acoustic felt, can be a part the total design of room. The acoustic felt is available as standard in black, white and blue, but can be produced in almost any colour on request.


The acoustic performance will vary from pattern to pattern. Adding insulation to the ceiling will also improve the total performance of the ceiling as does the level of suspension. The general rule is that the more it is suspended, the better the acoustic performance is. Use our acoustic tool on the webpage to test your room with different combinations of pattern, insulation and suspension.


The right thickness of the insulation depends on the usage of the room. We offer 12mm or 25 mm as an integrated inlay. Additional insulation can be added in order to improve the acoustic features or simply to obtain a certain fire classification.


Special perforation patterns, where the perforation e.g. forms a distinctive pattern or shape are available on request.

See our most common perforation patterns by downloading the “Perforation Data Sheet”.


Remember, that the acoustic feature of a ceiling is important in order to obtain a good environment in a room, corridor or public area. Areas without disturbing noise will add to the wellbeing of the people in the room, corridor or public area.

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All downloads available here


All downloads available here

Get basic knowledge about acoustics


Get basic knowledge about acoustics

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