Painted surfaces

DAMPA Finishes and Colours

You will obviously want to explore the wide range of colours and finishes available in order to create your own individual design.


Ask DAMPA for inspiration, and we will provide you with the most common colours used worldwide or choose freely from the NCS or RAL color chart

View DAMPA inspiration colours here


Forward us a sample of a material with a specific colour and we can analyze it to produce matching colour samples made on aluminum or steel. The matching colour sample will be forwarded to you for approval.

A range of metallic colours, and colours with structure can be used to create quite extraordinary ceiling appearances, or simply used to reduce reflection of light in e.g. wheelhouses.


All colors and surfaces can be combined with a variety of perforation patterns and acoustic felt. Acoustic felt can also be delivered in different colors – opening for to even more creative solutions.

Gloss and Light Reflection

As standard all ceilings are produced in a in a matt finish, gloss 10. However, a non-reflective (Textura) colour surface has been developed for wheelhouses creating a surface with a minimum of reflection of light. Other gloss levels can be produced upon request.


Our standard colour has a total light reflection level of up to 86% depending on the colour, the perforation pattern and colour of the acoustic felt will enhance that.


Special surfaces satisfying other requirements of light reflection and diffusion are available upon request.

The degree of light fastness of the painted surfaces is around 7-8 on a scale of 0–8 in accordance with DIN 53231.


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All downloads available here


All downloads available here

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Download Colour Chart

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