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Since the 1990s DAMPA have supplied many of the worlds leading builders of High Speed Aluminium Fast Ferries, with its specialised Lightweight Aluminium Marine Ceiling Systems.


Leading the world with the latest technology, these ferries have both commercial and defence applications, transporting people, vehicles, cargo, military equipment, passengers and personnel at high speed.

In fact the largest high speed aluminium trimaran, operating in the World at a length of 126 Metres, 1350 passengers, 341 Cars and a top speed 40 Knots, has DAMPA Ceilings throughout.


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Browse the broad fire rated DCC Panels portfolio

Fire Rated DCC Panels

Browse the broad fire rated DCC Panels portfolio

All downloads available here


All downloads available here

map of dampa representatives

Christina Redtz Rønlev

Sales- & Customer Service, Marine


+45 63 76 13 31crr@dampa.dk

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