DCC 3000

Elegant and easy to install

DAMPA® DCC 3000 has a calm ceiling surface with a pencil line joint between panels. The panels are up to 5000 mm, and has a built-in height limited to 28 mm, leaving maximum space for the technical installations above the ceiling. The sharp edge panels create a uniform even look enhancing the ceiling surface as one unit.


The DCC 3000 is available as fireclass B-0 and B-15.


DAMPA® DCC 3000 allows for a flat, continuous surface to the ceiling area due to the tight joint, and seamless fit between the panels. We however recommend not to exceed a length of 3000 mm. 


The DCC-3000 Panels are installed from underneath perimeter supports into standard DAMPA® DCC 300 System.

Installation achived by means of standard Carrier No. U16 – supported by means of Suspensions No 1/3 – Rod clip no 2. 


Panels are supplied with end-closings and Mineral wool as standard, amongst other for better acoustics and aesthetic look. 


Fireclass B15 is achived by  additional 50mm overlay of Mineral Wool.


We reccomend that the length of the panel does not exceed 3000 mm., but can be made to order up to 5000 mm.  


For more information please see, the product brochure, specifications or contact us directly. 

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Explore selected references in the Marine sector


Explore selected references in the Marine sector

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All downloads available here

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