GOOD Acoustics improve indoor climate

DAMPA metal ceilings ensure an exceptional acoustic environment on-board. The combination of perforation, acoustic felt and an insulation will absorb noise and add to a good environment.


Our wide range of acoustic ceiling solutions are ideal for rooms intended for high levels of human noise such as corridors, cabins and public areas. A good invironmen enhances the passengers and crew to concentrate and relax.


DAMPA metal ceilings are effective regarding Room-to-Room sound reduction. The most efficient solution is to ad insulation in the panels and consider an additional overlay of insullation to improve it further.

The DCC panel is a good example. It provides a Room-to-Room sound reduction of 41 dB – 44 dB depending on type of standard insulation inlay. Dependent on the type of the additional insullation it can be reduced with 46 dB – 50 dB.


To reduce the general sound level and reverberation time in a room, perforated ceiling units are the most effective solution.


Unperforated ceiling units offer sound absorption in the low frequency range. Perforated ceiling units offer good sound absorbing characteristics within the frequency range of human activity.


Please contact us at DAMPA for more information on the acoustic performance of DAMPA metal ceilings


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