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Great acoustics with aesthetic and green ambitions

Great acoustics with aesthetic and green ambitions

Acoustics are an essential part of a good indoor environment. It influences our health, concentration, and general wellbeing. Acoustics are an essential part of a good indoor environment. It influences our health, concentration, and general wellbeing.

Wall panels that secure the good indoor climate

It  quickly shows on the numbers on the bottom line, when the indoor environment is not optimal at a workplace.

Our new wall panels, DAMPA Silent Board, has a sound absorption class A, so you are always guaranteed a great and comfortable acoustic indoor environment. The wall panels can be installed on any surface and comes with various design options e.g., different perforation patterns. You can get our DAMPA Silent Board in standard colors, but if you want a custom or personal solution, you can choose between all RAL and NCS-colors” says Lone Rold, Architectural- and Project Consultant, and continuous

We have created a wall panel, which can be part of any interior style, from wild colors to personal digital print, or perhaps it should be more toned down with the inherent steel surface such as galvanized or corroded.

DAMPA have high standards for their new wall panels, also in terms of sustainability, which is why it was ideal for DAMPA to develop them in steel.

 “If they are to be installed in a school where things can get wild, it puts strong demands on the durability. Steel is a fantastic robust material. It has a lifespan that far exceeds our own, and it is a very sustainable, as it can be recycled again and again. Another advantage is that the steel panels are easy to clean and maintain, making it a long-lasting investment” explains Lone Rold.

Easy installation without surprises

When making acoustic improvements it is crucial to look at the overall economy of the investment, and here many gets a surprise, sometimes an unpleasant surprise.

The installation of our DAMPA Silent Board wall panels is simple as can be – all you need is a power drill. I have tried by myself to install the wall panels, and it was a pain-free experience, despite I am all thumbs” laughs Lone Rold, and continues

If a school wants to use our wall panels, they can easily be installed by the janitor. When developing our Silent Board, we focused on creating a product that easily would make an acoustic difference, had high flexibility in the design, long lifespan, low maintenance, is a sustainable choice and at the same time easy to install. We are truly proud of our product” tells Lone Rold.



This article was originally published in Byggeri+Arkitektur – read the whole article here (in Danish)


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