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DOTs of Light for Life – a new Acoustic Ceiling- and Light System

DOTs of Light for Life – a new Acoustic Ceiling- and Light System

Introducing DOT - a modular light and ceiling system than enhancds people's well-being

A "natural" system

DOT increases productivity and general well-being, with its humanistic design, making it the ideal choice for public and working environments.
Building on decades of experience and expertise, the Danish acoustic solutions producent DAMPA, lighting producent LIK Lighting, Product Developer Erik Padkjær and Architect and Designer Lars Vejen developed DOT, an aesthetic and modular lighting- and acoustic ceiling solution, which improves the working environment and at the same time combines function and aesthetic.


The design draws inspiration from one of the natural wonders: a starry sky. Like stars, lighting can be spread out across the ceiling, making a beautiful harmony of light and shadow in the room. The varying lighting stimulates the eye and contributes to a more pleasant environment to live, relax and work.” explains Lars Vejen, Architect and Designer.

DOT creates a variated and inspiring lighting concurrent with a focus on the acoustic experience, whatever it is in offices, hospitals or in shops. By miming the light and shadow of the nature the ceiling system has a positive impact on human’s wellbeing and productivity.

Great sound and human lighting

DOT is an evolution of the well-known 60x60 ceiling and light fixture and consists of three main elements which can all be combined in any desired design: A ceiling tile with a 25-hole grid, a lighting module with 7 illuminated holes and a perforated ceiling tile.
By combining the seven alternating illuminated holes with the otherwise strict expression of DOT, a ceiling design with interesting contrast is obtained - and this with integrated well-being through lights and acoustics.

With this solution it is possible to upgrade the ceiling to a class A absorbent, because of the perforation in the metal and the underlying acoustic felt. The modules are easy to maintain, just like the underlying installations easy can be reached without any use of tools.

We can neither see nor touch the acoustic, but we are never in doubt, when there is a problem with the acoustic experience. With DOT we create an opportunity to combine design, function, and the creation of a great indoor climate in one single solution” says Michael Nykjær, CEO at DAMPA.

Great light and good acoustic is essential when talking well-being. To support the well-being in a workday it is important to balance the daylight with the artificial light. The right light will not only improve our well-being, mood, and productivity, but it will also reduce headache, irritated eyes and fatigue.

Light is not only light. With DOT we show, why and how light should be thought into a context. Sound and light affect us in our everyday life, and when 90 % of our day is used indoor, we need to secure, that it has a positive impact on us. We are happy, that we with DOT can tribute with a better indoor environment” says Helle May Vogel, Senior Project Manager at LIK.


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