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DAMPA: Sustainable ceiling solutions

Sustainable ceiling solutions through metal materials

Worldwide the construction sector is accountable for 40% of the CO2-emission. This resulting in the industry being amongst the largest environmental sinners. We do not have a Planet B, which is why it is of immense importance that solutions that contributes to lowering the CO2-emission has the highest priority. However, not on account of the operational costs, design and practical function of the product.

This is a translation of the original Danish article from Byggmaterialer.dk – read it here 



DAMPA contributes to less emission of CO2


in regards to the intro is where the Danish company DAMPA is convinced that metal can make a difference.

DAMPA contributes to lowering the CO2 emission through the metal materials. “Metal can be reused over and over without it losing the mechanical properties or that the lifespan of the product is compromised. “ states Michael Nykjær, managing director of DAMPA: “By reusing the materials it is possible to save a huge amount of resources resulting in a lower emission of CO2. It is for example 10 times less resource consuming to produce aluminium from recycled materials than from new materials.”


Including product-lifespan and reusability from the beginning of the construction process

It is a huge benefit for our planet when the lifespan and reusability of the product is included in the construction process from the beginning. This is amongst other why DAMPA’s aluminium ceilings are produced from large quantities of recycled aluminium which again can be reused.


Sustainable ceiling systems

At DAMPA sustainability is an on-going process, as the company works to deliver more sustainable products benefitting the planet, the operational cost and the individual well-being.


This is why DAMPA focuses on:

  • 100% reusability. A DAMPA metal ceiling can easily be demounted and re-installed at the same or another location. In addition, close to a 100% of the ceiling materials can be recycled.
  • The long lifespan of the materials, resulting in less need of new products being produced. A DAMPA ceiling has a documented lifespan of minimum 50 years, with easy maintenance and low operational costs.
  • EPD’s. With three EPD’s all DAMPA ceiling systems are covered by an EPD, this making sure DAMPA products contributes to sustainable and environmentally certified constructions.
  • Effective internal processes to amongst other minimizing product waste. All product waste is collected and recycled.


It is important to have a “green mind-set” in the construction industry and at DAMPA this means to let the materials, processes and the total solution set the agenda.






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