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DAMPA presents a new line of wall panels

DAMPA presents a new line of wall panels

DAMPA celebrated their 70 years anniversary by launching a new line of their robust and beautiful wall panels: DAMPA® Silent Board Flex. The new wall panels are playing with the experience of sound, shapes, light and shadow.

We often get requests from people, who experience bad acoustic. By placing acoustic elements on the walls, approximately 10-20 % of the floor area, we can easily improve the acoustic experience” says Lone Rold, project- and Architectural Consultant at DAMPA, and continuous

We are excited to introduce our new acoustic wall panels: DAMPA® Silent Board Flex. With the new product line, you get full design freedom and free play with shape, light and shadow”.

DAMPA® Silent Board Flex is a line of acoustic wall panels, which consists of six different graphic elements and a light panel. With the multidimensional shapes in the raw steel material, the light will play on the edges and give an expressive experience. When you see the wall panels with light and shadows from the one side, there are no doubt about the dynamic and illuminated shapes. When you move on and see the panels from the opposite side, you will get a whole new experience, where the lights will give each wall panel a new dimension.

A changeable experience of sound and light

With the new line of acoustic wall panels, you will get total freedom to shape your own expression, while each wall panel has a different size and angle. Furthermore, you can get all the wall panels in your preferred RAL- and NCS color, in the raw steel or rust look.

The unique about DAMPA® Silent Board Flex is the big design freedom, where you can change the composition of the different elements in the exact course, that you wish” tells Lone Rold, and clarifies:

“You can change between a calm and dynamic course and secure a changeable experience”.

With its graphic expression the wall panels match the modern architecture and are an obvious opportunity to create a better indoor climate in both new and existing buildings. The new line of wall panels secures the best acoustic experience, while they combine all three types of absorbents: a porous absorbent, a resonance absorbent, and a membrane absorbent.

Acoustic ceiling withour limits

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