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DAMPA and BIG cooperates on new ceiling solution

DAMPA and BIG cooperates on new ceiling solution

Another architectonic wonder has opened in Denmark

– In corporation with Ejner Olesen we have assisted BIG in the further development of an innovative suspension system that consists of multiple technologies built into one fully integrable solution. First and foremost, the system allows for the ceiling tiles to easily be mounted and de-mounted, without the risk of damages or irregularities. Furthermore, the light fixtures are hidden above the perforated tiles, wherein a cooling system is built in, states Sales manager for building at DAMPA, Jan Frydenlund.

– We needed a quite special solution to achieve a uniform expression on all the ceiling surface. We didn’t want lamps or other things poking out. That is why we sought the help of DAMPA, to develop this perforated solution for cooling, lights and soundproofing. The result turned out to be of high quality and flexible, states Senior architect of BIG, Snorre Nash.

Demountable and precise

Hidden within this specially developed system is a unique technology that enables the tiles to automatically find their way back, to their precise position. This ensures that the clean lines are maintained for the benefit of the aesthetic expression and the retention of the architect’s original design.


The technology is future-proof thus the ceiling solution, no matter the number of times it is de- and re-mounted during service or when inspected, will always find its way back into its place. This also ensures that there is no need for more deliveries during a project, since the system doesn’t lose its shape or color, and offers an unprecedented flexibility during the building process for all the stakeholders involved.

– It has been a very positive experience working with the installations in correlation with installation accuracy and the demounting. During the mounting phases it is of great importance, that we can continuously work above the tiles without risking damages, unforeseen events and violations of the visual expression, says Co-owner of craft-firm Ejner Olesen, Martin Hansen.


A light and airy solution


At DAMPA everything had to be turned upside down, and there was a need to think outside the box, to create the optimal system. With the demand of a plane solution, which integrated both lights and ventilation into the ceiling, the ceiling system had to be the staple foundation for providing the desired shape and color. The tiles have different perforation patterns that allows the light to shine through. The fixtures are hereby hidden while the needed lighting in the rooms are maintained.


Furthermore, a climate ceiling system is built in, this is a long-term, energy optimizing technology. An integrated cooling element is fixed on the backside of each of the tiles, they transform the ceiling to one big cooling surface.

– The unusual thing about the climate ceiling is that the tile is used as a cooling and heating surface, as opposed to a traditional ventilation system with draught and noise. This allows many liberties for the design and installation. The whole system can be compression-tested before being fixed to the tiles, Jan Frydenlund concludes.


Future flexibility


What remains is a ceiling that through a great desire for flexibility and adaptability is developed to meet the aesthetical demands of the modern, sustainable and future-proof building. The technology ensures both the right light, the great acoustics, a pleasant temperature and a system, that secures the project economy and limits the forward operating costs.


The technology is already being implemented in several bigger building projects, and steps toward further development are taken, including enabling it for use in wooden element ceilings.



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