Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions for DAMPA Steel – and Aluminium Ceilings

Maintenance for DAMPA ceilings

Inspection Intructions:

DAMPA requires no regular inspections of the ceilings.


Maintenance Instructions:

The ceiling can be vacuum cleaned by using a smooth nozzle brush.For possibly washing the ceiling we recommend to use ordinary detergent or liquid soap. The deter-gent is to be mixed with water in the ratio of 1:70. Apply the solution by a sponge and wipe off the ceiling by a soft cotton cloth firmly wrung in pure water.Spots, stripes or blotches, which cannot be removed in this way, should be treated with liquid soap mixed in the ratio of 1:10. Usually this solution will make even smoke-blackened areas disappear. The solution is to be applied to the ceiling by using a soft sponge firmly wrung in the solution. After a few seconds the soap and loose dirt are removed by means of soft cotton cloths or sponges, which frequently are to be washed in pure water and firmly wrung. Smoke-blackened areas, which do not disappear by means of ordinary cleaning, are to be swabbed with 40% acetic acid. Subsequently the areas in ques- tion are to be washed with pure water with an admixture of 1% ammonia water.


Demounting or Remounting Instructions:

Should normally be made only by skilled persons.Tiles in a concealed suspension system: Demount the first tile by inserting DAMPA’s dismantling tool in the joint close to a corner and pull carefully downwards.DAMPA 10/100/200/300: Demount a profile by pulling it towards you horizontally andsimultaneously pushing the nearest adjacent one.


For more information please contact Customer Service at phone no.: +45 6376 1300.


Download Maintenance Instructions as a PDF file here


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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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Maintenance Instructions for DAMPA Steel - and Aluminium Ceilings.

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