Laminated Surfaces
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Lamination creates endless design possibilities and durable surface

Laminated surface on DAMPA metal ceiling solutions is film-laminated. This technique uses film which is bonded to the sheet steel or aluminium, making the surface resistant and very durable.


The laminated metal sheets used for production of DAMPA metal ceilings are a state of the art process, and is done “the DAMPA way”, meaning that it takes the environment into consideration. One of many efforts to spare the environment, reduce consumption, and filter out more than 99% of solvents from the exhaust gases in the production process.


There are no limits to colours and design possibilities when using lamination as surface finish. One of the design possibilities is a sturdy wood-look, which is well-known in flooring. Furthermore, the laminated finish has no need for additional painting and lacquering once applied.


Read more about laminated surfaces here


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All downloads available here

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Think regenerative design into your building

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