Digital Print
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Digital Print

With digital print, your design visions can come to life. All of our metal ceiling and wall solutions can be digitally printed, which means that you can create exactly the design you want, whether it's in the form of images, patterns or logos - the only limit is your imagination.


With digital printing, you can therefore ensure good acoustics without compromising on your design vision.


Contact us to hear more about the possibility of using digital printing in your project.


Please the eye by including unique digitally printed designelements as part of the decor.


Create an inspiring environment by highlighting the company's logo or values ​​with digital print.


Combine acoustics and design to create innovative signage that ensures necessary wayfinding.

Unique areas

No matter you want portraits, patterns or other playful elements in your project, it is possible using digital print.


Among other things, you can combine DAMPA's wall and ceiling solutions to create unique and inspiring surroundings with digital print. The acoustic solutions can thus become an integral part of the room's unique design.


You can e.g. bring your rooms to life and ensure the feeling of stepping out into nature, by creating a room with a beautiful flower meadow on DAMPA® Silent Board, and a blue sky on the ceiling, or a forest environment with trees on the walls and treetops on the ceiling - everything together, while the acoustic properties ensure a pleasant working environment.


Digital print can also be used to create innovative wayfinding, which can be included as an active element in the interior design.


By using DAMPA® Silent Board, as an alternative to traditional signage, you can combine the acoustic properties with necessary wayfinding - all in a simple and timeless design.


Digital print can be advantageously used on DAMPA® Silent Board to improve the acoustics in existing buildings, while at the same time adding new inspiring elements to the interior design.


You can e.g. get digitally printed portraits, a playful pattern, interesting pictures from your company, or something completely different, which can be included as an active design element in the interior.


Digital printing can also be used for branding your company, through sharing the company's history and development on the walls - or making the company's values ​​visible with images and text.

Acoustics without limits

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