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Project Management & Logistics service

DAMPA is more than a supplier of building materials. Thus, helping our customers through the various steps of a building project is essentially a central aspect of our DNA and perception of ourselves. We can help you all the way from the creation and development throughout the after sales service.


DAMPA logistics programme supports just-in-time deliveries, which entails fast and reliable delivery situated with easy access to European motorway systems and close to main ports for international shipping.


Creation service

DAMPA engage willingly in dialogue at an early stage of the project. Thereby, we assist the customer, tuning in to the right solution for you, the customer and project itself. We offer assistance finding modifications of known solutions or even development of new custom-made solutions, accommodating specific needs and wants. Initially we recommend a meeting to cast light on possibilities and challenging aspects, which ultimately make way for a well structured cost and project development.


Development service

Our project engineers at the technical support department  can assist with detailed solutions, special constructions and integrated possibilities.

We accommodate special needs for support of ceiling layout and specifications.

Project implementation service

DAMPA customer service have many ears experience in services and support of building control  and management of all kind.

We always recommend a initially meeting to address issue such as; time plans, delivery, layout specifications and other building details.

Also issues as labelling, delivery by instalments, handling on the building site and special requirements in respect of billing are all crucial for assuring a well-managed project from start to finish.


After sales service

All DAMPA solutions are produced at our factory placed in Denmark, which assures a rapid delivery time. Further, we can comply to a rapid delivery by instalments in case of the need occur.

Our technical support team is also able to assist the project on-site, if needed.


Please don’t hesitate to contact DAMPA with your possible requirements

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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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Think regenerative design into your building

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Christina Redtz Rønlev

Sales- & Customer Service, Marine


+45 63 76 13 31crr@dampa.dk

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