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Golden ceilings for the citizens

Golden ceilings


We supplied ceilings for the rebuilding of the main library in Odense into the new “Citizens’ house”.

It was very important to the architects that the project did not look too dull or institutionalized. With a marvelous golden front and a golden staircase placed at the center of the building, this was not a problem.

We entered the process with a mission to provide a ceiling that would tie all the parts together, for the benefit of the architectural expression. Apart from the aesthetics, other wishes like great acoustics and integrated LED-lights could also be fulfilled with our panel ceilings.


Especially the integrated LED-lights caused great satisfaction with the architects, since they could attain a smooth, uniform surface. During the process we have had an ongoing dialogue with both architects and service engineers, to develop the perfect solution.


Watch the video of the project here

Architect Dennis Storm of AI states:

“The cooperation and development process with DAMPA has been exciting. The special solution with integrated LED-lights is holistic in a way that I can see the use of in many future projects. We chose to work with DAMPA because their sales department has always been great at fulfilling our wishes. During the process I have experience DAMPA to be very solution-oriented, you do not only get a product but a clever sounding board too.”





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Explore the options of various surface possibilities


Explore the options of various surface possibilities

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All downloads available here

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