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Stauning Whisky
Stauning Whisky

Silent elegance for visitor center in stauning

Sustainable design with consideration of the local area


In November 2015 Stauning Whisky signed a deal with Diageo and Distill Ventures, this is the beginning of the expansion of Stauning Whisky, which is supposed to end with a production of 900.000 liters of whisky per year.

To live up to the increase in production the physical surroundings need to expand too. Therefore, Stauning Whisky planned a 5-building expansion, among these buildings a visitor center. Behind the buildings are LOOP architects, they have taken into consideration the local qualities. The new buildings imitate and interpret the known building-typologies of the area, pitched roofs, wooden buildings, fishermen’s houses, etc. In the project design there has been a special focus on sustainability and energy-optimizing construction with healthy local materials such as wood, concrete and steel.


The general visual theme of the project is elegance. This is apparent in the matt black sheathing on both the inside and the outside of the buildings. The buildings are in sharp contrast to the surrounding nature, without disturbing the idyllic picture.


1532 m2 of black DAMPA interval panels in steel are installed in the visitor center. The panels are installed as both wall panels and on the vaulted ceiling. Because of the spacing between the panels the ceiling gets an almost mirror-like effect, and the fact that wall and ceilings merge into each other and vanish into the vaulted ceiling makes a fantastic, stylish expression.

The matt black panels are in beautiful contrast to the copper stills in the visitor center as well.
Besides being visually pleasing, the interval panels adds to a better indoor climate. The panels have an inlay of polyester, the polyester works as acoustic regulation, to obtain the optimal acoustics in the great, open room.


Initially the project design did not include DAMPA ceilings, but after multiple consultancies with Morten Lagoni, Project Consultant on Building with DAMPA, the advantages and functions in choosing DAMPA interval ceilings were undeniable.




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Explore the options of various surface possibilities


Explore the options of various surface possibilities

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All downloads available here

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