Lay-In Tiles
Lay-in - Cap Germine

subtle Design with Lay-in Tiles

DAMPA® Lay-In Tiles are installed in an exposed T-grid system. The characteristic look is created by the difference in level between the T-grid and the ceiling tiles. The shadow effect emphasises the square feature of the ceiling.

The tiles are very easy to “lay in” the exposed T-grid carrier system, which are available in 15 or 24 mm T-grid rail system. Installation is executed without the need of tools.


Choose between 8 mm or 12 mm drop, creating the mentioned shadow effect.


DAMPA® Lay-In Tiles are ideal in cases of already installed T-grid carrier systems, and can be applied simply by substituting the existing tiles. The Lay-in tiles are easily installed, with no tools needed and at a low cost.



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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions


Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

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