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Create a “borderless” ceiling surface

The DAMPA® Clip-in Tiles with sharp edge presents a continuous, uniform and “borderless” ceiling surface look, with precise levelling of the sharp edged tiles.


Create the impression of a “non-modular” ceiling, by applying perforation exceeding the edge of the tile. Enhance the continuity layout further by installing tiles with micro perforation around the edges, or even unperforated tiles.

DAMPA® Clip-in Tiles with sharp edge is ideal in areas where uniformity and seamlessness is desired.


The concealed suspension system eases installation through the “clip-in” system, which requires no installation tools for installation of the tiles.

 In case of the need to gain access to above ceiling installations, it is possible to dismount the tiles with the appropriate DAMPA dismount tool.


All Clip-in Tiles are highly flexible and easy to replace or supplement, as the tiles are relatively rapidly produced and often produced to stock.



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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions


Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

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