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PLANOSTILE Lay-In, Clean room in laboratory

Parallel and Cross ceiling systems

PLANOSTILE Lay-in , previously called “Bandraster”, is available in both parallel and cross ceiling systems. The long “planks” panel elements creates a continuous ceiling design, bringing jet another design feature to the ceiling layout. PLANOSTILE Lay-in are specially suitable for integration of ventilation, light fittings and serve as a channel for placing electrical cables, water tubes and other above ceiling installations.


Tab into the following gains:


  • Can be combined with other ceiling systems
  • Easy to integrate with corridor panels
  • Provides level difference
  • Available in numerous configurations
  • Rigid construction for installation of partitions
  • Can be used for vertical, as well as horizontal, sound isolation
  • Easy integration of light fixtures, ventilation grilles, etc.
  • Suitable for all chilled ceiling systems


PLANOSTILE Lay-in systems are available in 30 mm. height, also available in standard module widths of 100, 125 or 150 mm. and in standard lengths of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 mm. Other widths and lengths available on request.


Dimensions are restricted to a maximum panel area of 1.0 m2 to avoid exceeding the maximum load bearing requirements for the support grid.

The profile can support a maximum lay-in panel weight of 7,0 kg/panel, this will provide a safety factor of 3. The load bearing is transmitted to the outer side of the panel. Executed in steel or aluminium and pressure resistant.


Further, the rigid construction are suitable for installation of partitions when using nonius hangers, or hanger brackets combined with angle runners.


Parallel ceiling system

The Planostile parallel ceiling system is based on an exposed C-profile manufactured specifically for each project. A concealed primary grid at right angles maintains the ceilings rigidity. The ceiling module is completely flexible and is
determined by the centres of the parallel panels.


Cross ceiling system

The cross ceiling system is installed with profiles in two directions; with or without junction boxes. The modulation
can be formed with square tiles or rectangular panels (planks). Please contact us at DAMPA for information
on the various PLANOSTILE Lay-in cross system methods of construction.


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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

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