DAMPA-Sport panels, close-up

Choose Sport panels for endurance

The strong construction of DAMPA® Sport is ideally suited for ceiling and wall surfaces in areas of high activity where the risk of damage or impact is considerable, for example sports halls, subways, corridors and the like. The units are part of a complete system with exposed suspension. All types are clipped on from below without the use of tools.


DAMPA® Sport is a very strong and rigid construction. The units are made from 0.8 mm galvanised steel. An open gap of 25 mm between the units creates the linear look and draws attention to the deep square-edged steel profile. With a choice of units in a specific colour or in a combination of different colours, the ceiling surface becomes part of the interior design.


Perforated units provide a combination of perfect acoustic properties and aesthetic appearance. The combination of perforation and acoustic felt bonded to the reverse side of the units contributes to optimal acoustics. The acoustic felt prevents any dust fall-out from perforated ceiling types. The acoustic felt is available in three different colours, i.e. white, black and blue.


DAMPA® Sport is available in module 100 mm. Panels in length from 600 to 6000 mm are delivered as standard.

The DAMPA® Sport units are produced from steel coils on a roll forming plant securing uniformity. In the exposed suspension system the units are secured to the carriers – without the use of tools.



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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions


Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

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