Unique design with Interval panels

DAMPA® Interval Panels are a complete open ceiling system designed with special suspension system. The open gap between each element can be adjusted to customer choice, and creates a wide range of design and functional options.


Interval Panels provide an extensive range of design options, with several combinations of width, height and modules.


All profiles are clipped on from below, without the use of tools, and each unit can be removed and reinstalled individually, thus providing easy access in case of service or maintenance in the space above the ceiling.

The open gap between each element is 20 mm as standard, and various possibilities can be produced on request.


Interval Panel profiles are manufactured in various executions without perforation, or with perforation of the vertical or horizontal flange.


Watch the video about preparation and installation of Interval Panels.



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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions


Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

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