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Functional, sustainable and simple light design

DAMPA ceilings support the indoor climate in the best possible way through easy integration. This includes acoustics, ventilation, aesthetics, and of course lighting, where DAMPA® LED Clip-In is an important piece in the puzzle. 


DAMPA® LED Clip-In has a modern, timeless design and can within a minut be installed in your DAMPA® Clip-In ceiling. The installation is done without any tools directly into the suspension system. DAMPA® LED fixture is produced in a fully closed tile, ensuring it is secure from dust and dirt. 


With the quality assurance for MacAdam Step 3, a consistent colour and light is ensured with every single delivery. 


Furthermore, DAMPA® LED has a 5 year warranty and is CE and RoHS certified.


Med kvalitetssikringen til MacAdam Step 3, sikres en ensartet farve og belysning ved hver eneste levering.

When you choose DAMPA® LED Clip-In it is sustainable for the environment and your economy. With DAMPA® LED you are guaranteed a light-lifetime of minimum 50.000 hours, approximately 15 years at 8 hours daily use. This means a significant saving on the operational expenses and takes care of our planet at the same time. 


DAMPA® LED Clip-In is however not your only DAMPA light-solution. Like with our ceilings, we can find a solution perfectly fit for your needs and design, which can be integrated in any other DAMPA ceilig solution. 


The acoustical properties in DAMPA ceilings, combined with integration of LED, diffuse ventilation and temperature management, means that DAMPA can deliver a complete systemsolution fro approvement of the inddoor climate. 


Please give us a call to learn more about your options for the perfect lightsolution. Find our contakt information in the bottom of the screen or go to our contact page. We are ready to help. 



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Explore our Indoor Climate section and get valuable knowledge

Indoor Climate

Explore our Indoor Climate section and get valuable knowledge

Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions


Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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