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DAMPA interior Climate System

Ensure great benefits with Cooling & Heating ceilings

The DAMPA® Climate Ceiling program include DAMPA® Clip-In Tiles and Hook-On Panels integrated with cooling/heating tubes.
A climate ceiling from DAMPA forms the basis for a healthy, clean and comfortable environment without any draft.
The solution is ideal in bedrooms, offices, schools, hotels and other environments where good indoor air quality is the main determinant of well-being and health.


A perfect indoor temperature control system with minimal sound reflection creates optimal conditions for well-being. The reduction of air circulation further minimizes bacterial proliferation and the risk of transmission of diseases.
The installations in a climate ceilings are concealed above the ceiling elements, thus providing a point of calm and minimalistic ceiling ceiling design.


DAMPA® Climate Ceilings are significantly more economical to run than traditional ventilation/air condition systems.


All in all the benefits from the energy efficient operation held together with the greater well-being will provide a significant economic advantage. Therefore, the investment in a climate ceiling will be paid back in short time.


Essential benefits with Interior Climate Solutions:


  • Energy saving operation
  • Operation cost reduction & optimization
  • Comfortable interior climate
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No compromise on design over function
  • Healthy room environment


Make use of all the advantages of metal ceilings and add to the list of benefits with the tested heating & cooling capacities of DAMPA® Interior Climate Solutions.


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Get inspired by previous building projects and solutions

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All downloads available here

Explore our Indoor Climate section and get valuable knowledge

Indoor Climate

Explore our Indoor Climate section and get valuable knowledge

Collaborative development of Climate Ceiling

Indoor Climate Partner

Collaborative development of Climate Ceiling

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