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Climate Ceiling
Klimakassetter - Københavns Lufthavn Security kontrol
Quiet Design since 1951

Get a good indoor environment with DAMPA

Create the perfect temperature for each person in the room through individual temperature control

Perfect temperature

Achieve the perfect indoor climate all year round. The climate ceiling regulates the temperature whether it is a cold winter or a hot summer

Reduce the need of ventilation

The need for ventilation is considerably reduced, which results in less capital investment and operating costs

Best overall economy

Best possible comfort, reduced ventilation requirements, savings for other ceilings and cheap operating economy
DAMPA Climate Ceiling

Get the best indoor climate

Up to 90% of our time is spent indoors, therefore the indoor climate is more important than ever before.


A good indoor climate helps to increase productivity and the general well-being of employees. If we have a bad indoor climate, it can quickly be felt on the bottom line, as we may experience difficulty concentrating. Studies also show that poor indoor climate results in higher sickness absence.


Whether you need to improve your indoor climate through acoustics, temperature or ventilation, we have a solution for you.

DAMPA Climate Ceiling


1. Good total economy and long-life span 


2. Integrate with diffuse ventilation for better air quality


3. High efficiency and quick reaction


4. Patented sustainable solution


5. Perfect temperature all year round - without noise and draft 


6. Optimal utilization of the ceiling - free design in the rest of the space


7. Design and opportunities

Collaborating partner


At DAMPA, we believe that the best results are achieved by focusing on what we are best at - and letting others do what they are best at. We therefore collaborate with TechoKlima, which has almost 25 years of experience in sales and design of indoor climate solutions for the Danish construction industry.


We only work with the best manufacturers who live up to the high demands and standards that we at DAMPA and our customers expect. Thus, we can also deliver climate ceilings with high quality, durability while being sustainable.


Quiet Design since 1951

With us, acoustics, good indoor climate and design freedom are cornerstones of our DNA and have been since our founding in 1951.


Based on our experience, we offer flexible acoustic solutions that include acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels produced in metal.


It makes it possible to utilize the metals' unique properties for acoustically regulating perforation patterns, so that the acoustics can be adapted to each room - both from the start of the project and when the room is taken into use.

Acoustics design without limits

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