Leading Supplier of Building and Marine Ceiling Solutions

We solve the unsolvable in beautiful and efficient ways

We have a very long experience in delivering ceiling solutions to both the Building and Marine sectors and we use our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable ceiling solutions for all the stakeholders in the project.

We solve the unsolvable in cooperation with you – the DAMPA way.

Count on DAMPA as your Partner

DAMPA seeks to add value to your project in many ways. We engage in the project in collaboration with you from start to finish and the result is the right solution with minimum installation time and costs.

With more than 60 years of experience and millions of square meters of successful installations you can count on DAMPA as your partner.

Interval, IT Hoernet at Aarhus

Adding sustainable value to your building

The DAMPA way is characterised by sustainable building practices. By minimising waste and using durable and recyclable materials and by integrating low energy solutions in the ceiling solutions we optimise value while minimising the environmental impact.

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